Preventative care is the clear choice for anyone who wishes to retain the independence of living at home but with a little extra peace of mind and reassurance. We can arrange a Link Homecare care worker who will visit you at your home to offer advice and make recommendations. They may suggest a daily welfare check or a Telecare pendant, which will connect you to one our Care Team who can provide immediate assistance in the event on an emergency. 

Please contact the offices on 0800 433 2323 to make arrangements for a visit from one of our Care Team. The services detailed on this page are easy to use, quick to install, non-intrusive and keep you safe. Prices start from as low as 75 pence per day.



If you are concerned about an older person’s welfare or you want to remain independent in your own home, Link Homecare offers a Telecare Pendant which will  give you and your family peace of mind and reassurance. Worn around the neck or on the wrist, an alarm can be activated which will connect you to one of our 24 hour Care Team who will provide immediate assistance. This service can be used to complement an already existing home care package or used as a safe guarding procedure. Simple and easy to use, quick to install and non-intrusive, the alarm aims to keep you safe and family reassured. Prices start at £4.50 per week plus a one off installation fee of £45. Extra services can be provided and installed in the home too.

These include:

  • Bogus Caller / Panic Button
  • CO2 Detector
  • Fall Detector
  • Flood Detector
  • Medication Dispensers
  • Pressure Mats
  • Smoke Detector
  • Sounder Beacon
  • Temperature Extremes Sensor
  • Movement Detector
  • Keysafe™


Welfare Check

The Link Homecare Welfare Check Call is an automated service that requires nothing more than a button press. Simple to use, the system will phone your home 4 times a day and all you need to do to respond is press a button. The Link Homecare control room will then know you are safe and well. Non response will lead to a series of phone calls to designated friends and family to ascertain follow up action. We all forget things from time to time and the clever system can also be used to remind you about just about anything you might need to do such as take medication or lock up safely at night. Prices start from £3 per week.


Link Homecare Response

You might prefer to have a trained Link Homecare carer as your primary response contact rather than a member of the family or friend. All of our carers are DBS checked and fully trained in emergency first aid. If you choose a Link Homecare Response package any contact needed as a result of a Telecare Pendant alarm call or Welfare Check Call will be met with an immediate response from a member of our team within 20 minutes. £6 per week plus call out fee. Call out fee £44.04 for first hour, £22.02 for subsequent hours.