Is care in my own home the right thing to do? 

There are many options available to you and you can learn more by talking to independent care brokers or trusted organisations such as AgeUK.  We would also be happy to talk through your options with you.  Generally, if you wish to retain your independence in later life then care in your own home could be just the ticket.  You could start off with help just half an hour a day or a short visit a couple of days a week and as your needs change, so can the level of care.  The important thing to remember is that Link Homecare will work with you to tailor a programme that is right for YOU, and the programme can change.


Will I have the same carer every day?

You will be assigned a team of carers that fit your needs.  You’ll soon get to know regular faces and many clients tell us how they really get to know their carer team.  If a carer is sick or on holiday then another fully trained carer will be sent in their place.


I need help during the night, is this possible?

Yes of course.  Our Night team works through the night and can provide regular care such as helping you to bed and all of our clients have access to our out-of-hours help should you need it in an emergency.


I’m worried about my medication, will my carer be able to assist?

Your carer will be able to prompt you to take your medication as long as you have set up a “Nomad” dispensing system with your chemist.  Ask your chemist about this, there is a small set charge.


I won’t be able to get to the door to let my carers in.  What should I do?

The simplest way to solve this is to have a Keysafe fitted to the outside of your property.  Your carers will then need to be told the combination code.


What will happen if a carer can’t get to me due to weather?

Our Link Homecare service is backed up by emergency response vehicles who can tackle any weather conditions, making sure that we can make 100& of our scheduled calls. We have locally managed teams throughout the South West and Midlands which means that in the unusual event that your carer can’t get out to you, an alternative carer would be sent and you would be notified of this.


What if homecare isn’t right for me and I need a home?

If you felt that your care needed stepping up, we could offer you a priority place at one of our three care homes, or with our Livein24 service which offers around the clock care in your home. It is our ethos to be as flexible as possible and change according to your needs.


How will I recognise a Link Homecare carer?

All of our carers wear a Link Homecare identification badge with their photograph attached.  They also wear a uniform.  If, for whatever reason, you are unsure of the identity of the carer, phone us immediately for verification.


How are Link Homecare carers recruited?

All of our carers are thoroughly screened and interviewed at our head office at Cleeve Care in Cheltenham.  We complete a minimum of two reference checks on each carer and thorough DBS checks are made.


Do you have foreign carers?

Like most home care companies we employee foreign carers and numbers have increased over recent years. The reason for this is because there is a shortage of qualified British carers who are looking to undertake a dedicated career in caring. Many people immediately think that a carer from outside of the UK is less desirable than a British resident and we understand why you might think this. You might worry that they won’t be correctly trained, there might be language barriers or they won’t understand our British customs and ways. Over the years, our experience of employing foreign carers has shown us that, in reality, our foreign team members are a great asset to our team.

Let us explain more

Many of our carers come from Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Hungary. In these countries students have to go through many years of studying and training to earn their care and nursing qualifications. It is not an easy option. Those that take this career path want to pursue a career in caring but they then struggle to find a job in their own country.  Here in Britain we have a shortage of carers and so job migration has occurred naturally.

Those that come to work for us are more than qualified for the job; some even over qualified and trained to be Doctors and Paramedics in their own country. We ensure that everyone undergoes a rigorous training programme when they first arrive here – this includes courses from our in-house training team on such elements as cooking, local customs and our way of doing the work (moving & handling, medication management, food hygiene, etc). They then must pass a language test and be approved to work in the field by one of our senior managers following an evaluation day at the end of their initial training. Most speak excellent English before they arrive in the UK, but for those that need some help we have the Cleeve Hill Healthcare language school for some intensive tuition. And the English customs and ways are quickly picked up. In fact, some of our clients tell us that they love to chat with their carer about their local customs.

The strongest evidence for us is when a client quickly forms a strong bond with his or her carer. It has happened time and again. If you are still unsure, please don’t hesitate to talk your concerns through with us.


How much will I need to pay for home care? 

We will be happy to speak to you to explain fees and funding in more detail; Generally, you can managed your own budget by paying privately or alternatively, you can apply for funding assistance to Social Services.


Contact us today on 0800 433 2323 or drop us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our team can answer any questions that you may have.